Mentors Needed for HHS Students

Entrepreneur Mentors

Now accepting applications for the Spring Semester 2019. 

Highland High School business students have the opportunity to take a dual-credit course through Northern Kentucky University. Entrepreneurial Mindset is an introductory course that provides students with an overview of the essential role of entrepreneurs in the global economy. Consistent with research in the field, this course approaches the study of entrepreneurs and the enterprises they create as a process of value creation, which can take place in a variety of contexts.


We are looking for entrepreneurial mentors who will commit to a weekly meeting with a student team. Mentors must provide a project(s) that will allow students to assess their entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial competencies, and entrepreneurial experience. Project(s) should last about 4 months.


This is a great opportunity for Highlands’ students as we move forward with the Fort Thomas Independent Schools initiative, Portrait of a Graduate, allowing us to connect our students with industry professionals helping them become creative problem solvers, curious critical thinkers, and empathic collaborators.


If interested, please complete the Google Form document. Questions? Please contact Elise Carter at


Application Link:

Potential Projects:

  • Local/ Global branding, advertising campaigns, social media campaigns, or web site design

  • Fact-finding, exploration of clients or competitor base

  • Any business challenge that can expand future entrepreneurial mindsets

  • Surveying clients or potential clients for research or other business related topics