Meet the Board



Lisa Cooper

Lisa joined the board in 2014. 'As a lifelong resident of Ft. Thomas, a graduate of Highlands and a parent of two children in the Ft. Thomas Schools, it is my privilege to be a part of the FTEF.  Our school system has, and continues to provide so many valuable opportunities for families in Ft. Thomas, and dedicating some of my time and energy to an organization with such an important mission, means a great deal to me.  I only hope I can give back little of what I have been blessed to receive from this amazing school system and community.'

Steve Dauer

Steve has been on our board since 2011. 'I didn’t go to school here – I grew up in Boston – but I wouldn’t trade what my children have here for anywhere else . Maintaining excellence is sometimes tougher than achieving it. It is only through a continual renewal of the board with new members who bring a fresh and unique perspective to things that we can continue what others started before us.'

Megan Desola

Megan has been a board member since 2015.  'The FTEF is such an unique organization in that it truly is an example of caring community members coming together for one common goal:  to continue the tradition of success in our local school district.  The FTEF benefits each and every student in the Fort Thomas public schools.  When the staff and students benefit, the whole community and town can reap the rewards.'

Kevin Duke

Kevin joined the Board in 2016.  "As an alumnus of the Ft.Thomas schools, I have seen the value both personally and to the community of a world-class schoool district.  However, to maintain access to such a high-quality education and the diversity of experience that is available to Fort Thomas students, a robust and well-functioning foundation is an absolute necessity.  FTEF fills that void and does so admirably."

Fritz Erschell

Fritz is a founding member of the Fort Thomas Education Foundation. As a graduate of Moyer Elementary and Highlands High School he has a deep passion for Fort Thomas Schools. As the former Mayor and business executive in Fort Thomas, he has a deep passion for our community. His long-standing service on our board is a staple that we value and admire!

Dan Gorman






Dan has been an FTEF Board member since 2009.  'I have a daughter who graduated from Highlands in 2012, and another two kids still in the school system.  In my opinion, the schools are what make Ft. Thomas really great, and I am very passionate about figuring out ways to continue to raise the bar even higher.  I think great readers make great students so I dress up like Elvis and travel the halls of Woodfill as AR guy for the Accelerated Reader program.  Shh- Don't tell the kids it's me'

                                             Dawn Groneck

Dawn is excited to join the board for the first time in 2019. 'When I moved to Fort Thomas with my husband in 1993, we only had a vague idea of how fantastic the Fort Thomas Schools are. Now, with three of my children already graduates of HHS and three younger ones working their way through, we’ve been
amazed with the faculty, the facilities, and the opportunities that our schools provide to every student in the District. I’m committed to doing my part to keep that tradition alive and making our experience a reality for future students to come.'

Amy Hills

Amy has been a Board Member since 2010. 'The FTEF is one of the main reasons our school buildings have been able to move forward - redoing the entire high school, helping get money for Moyer and hopefully in the very near future for Johnson. I truly believe all of this could not have been done without the FTEF.'

Amy Lang

Amy joined the board in October of 2014. 'The FTEF impacts the lives of the children in our schools, which will provide them the foundation of success. I value having the opportunity to make a positive difference in the community and the children of Fort Thomas.'


Frank Meyer

Frank has been on the Board since 2005.  'There is no better way to support the Ft. Thomas community than getting involved with this group.  The FTEF sees a problem, addresses it, and comes up with a solution.  Being in this group has enabled me to help make our community a better place.'


Ross Neltner

Ross is a 2003 graduate of Highlands High School and has been on the FTEF board since 2019.   'As a proud alumnus of Johnson Elementary & Highlands High School, I have seen first-hand the tremendous academic foundation that the Fort Thomas Independent School system offers its students.  Being a part of the FTEF Board & Investment Committee allows me to give back to a community that has afforded me many opportunities.  I feel honored to be a part of a group that is passionate about keeping this level of academic excellence going strong.'

                                                       Barb Thomas

Barb is excited to join the board for the first time in 2019. 'The FTEF is important to me because I believe the benefits of the FTEF goes beyond fundraising and that true value of the foundation may be in bridge building.  I am excited to use my experience in communications, marketing and public relations to help build relationships, especially with those who do not have school age children in Fort Thomas.  My hope is to help bridge the gap between our schools and public relations and motivate people to get involved. I have a passion for integrating within the community and getting people involved with special events, fundraisers, etc. I enjoy working with local businesses and organizations to bridge together a network of resources that truly make a difference.'

Shannon Thomas

Shannon  has been on the board since 2014. 'With the limited amount of state funding, the FTEF plays an integral role in providing additional opportunities for our children that would not be there if we had to rely on state funding alone. I enjoy being part of the decision making process and helping to ensure the FTEF continues to grow and provide for our schools and community.'

                                                       Frank Twehues

Frank is excited to join the board for the first time in 2019. As a father of young children living in Fort Thomas, the school system has become a large part of his everyday life. 'Being a part of FTEF allows me to get know more about the school district but also to get to know more about the Fort Thomas community and meet members of the community who have a vested interest in the tradition and legacy of FTIS. The FTEF gives me an opportunity to learn more about the unique needs and successes of FTIS and to be a part of this school district’s long-standing legacy.'

                                                                         Liz Younger

Liz joined the board in 2018. 'My parents were deeply involved in the school district and my mom was a founding member of the Education Foundation. They instilled in me the importance of being involved in the community and, especially, in the schools. I am honored to take up the torch to ensure that the schools are as excellent for my children as they were for me.' Liz hopes to continue the standard of excellence in Fort Thomas through an entire community effort.

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