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What We Do

There are three ways to easily understand what the FTEF does.


1 - RAISE* [verb /raz/: to increase in strength and intensity for a purpose or cause]

We raise money for the ongoing educational needs of our schools. Our goal is to create a private school experience for all students K-12.

Annual Appeal

The FTEF holds its Annual Campaign in the fall every year. Money raised through the Annual Appeal is used by the FTEF for many things to benefit our students and schools. Past Annual Appeal money has been used to award teacher grants and upgrade facilities around the district.

Endowment Fund

The FTEF annually contributes a percentage of funds raised to the Endowment until it reaches $1 million, at which point the FTEF will be able to use the interest to fund administrative costs and supplement grant awards.

1891 Society
Corporate Sponsorships

The 1891 Society recognizes and honors persons who have remembered the FTEF in their wills, trusts, or other charitable planned gift as part of their estate plans.

The FTEF loves our corporate sponsors! There are many opportunities throughout the year to have your name in lights while supporting a worthy cause.

2 - FORGE* [verb /forj/: to form or shape, especially by concentrated and mutual effort]

We tackle BIG PROJECTS head-on; like school renovations and important classroom resources. We do this because we want the best for our students. Our goals have no finish line!


We have great schools! We live in a great community! And lets face it, we like to have fun! FTEF social events bring together old and new friends that share a common value in educational excellence.

The Capital Campaign was formed in 2005 to confront the issues of a decaying Highlands High School, lack of state assistance and increasing building costs. The Campaign for Highlands has raised nearly $9 million in private funds and matching state grants to help fund the renovation of Highlands High School.

Any teacher, administrator or staff member can apply for a FTEF Teacher Grant. Grants are awarded in the spring by the ‘Grants Patrol’ committee where teachers and students are surprised with the news and presented a ‘big’ check.

 [verb \se-le-brat\: to do something special for an important cause, or event.]

Each spring the FTEF hosts a major shindig for the community. Guests dress up in accordance with the year’s theme and dance like it’s 1999 to a live band. Silent Auction items drum up some friendly competition and the many lucky winners go home happy campers with their prizes.

Football is an annual rite in Fort Thomas and Bluebird fans have the chance to experience the games in style by becoming a member of the Foundation Club. The Club offers a bird’s eye view of the football games on a heated, covered porch along with VIP parking and a private entrance. Foundation Club members also enjoy catered meals, a Homecoming chili cook-off and an outdoor flat screen tv with live streaming of the game.